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you can help save the salvo cemetery!

As storms and the rising waters of the Pamlico Sound batter the shoreline, the historic Midgett Cemetery at the Salvo Day Use site is in danger of being lost, but you can help save this piece of Hatteras history. Joy Crist, writing for the Island Free Press weaves a tale of despair and hope.

Damage to headstones at Salvo Day Use Cemetery. Photo, Tammy O'Hagan, ncgenweb

Damage to headstones at Salvo Day Use Cemetery. Photo, Tammy O’Hagan, ncgenweb


“Efforts to help repair and save the Salvo Day Use Cemetery – also known as the Midgett Cemetery – are heating up as community members recognize the current dire state of the site, as well as the devastating effects the next major hurricane or storm could inflict on the already troubled area.

The cemetery, which is located on National Park Service land within the popular Salvo Day Use Area just south of the tri-villages, has been battered by storms and erosion, particularly for the past five to 10 years, and has rapidly deteriorated to the dismay of the descendants of the islanders who are buried there.”

Can the Midgett Cemetery at Salvo be saved? Find out more in the Island Free Press.
Donate to the gofundme account HERE!
Visit the Facebook support group HERE.

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