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womanless beauty pageant = red hot success

The Outer Banks’ Womanless Beauty Pageant is an amazing night of fun, laughter and giving. This article from the North Beach Sun seems to capture some of what it’s like to be at the social event of the spring on the Outer Banks.

MC Cory Taylor reading questions. The beauties (LtoR) Jay "Jilly Von Guttentight" Ammons-Relay for Life: Scott "Sharin' Everything" Midgette-OBX Project Purple, Mike "Harietta the Bearded Lady" Dianna, and Richard "Lotta Love" Bruce. Bridget Byron, Jilly Von Guttentight's escort, cooling herself off.

MC Cory Taylor reading questions. The beauties (LtoR) Jay “Jilly Von Guttentight” Ammons; Scott “Sharin’ Everything” Midgette; Mike “Harietta the Bearded Lady” Dianna; Richard “Lotta Love” Bruce. Bridget Byron, Jilly Von Guttentight’s escort, cooling herself off.

“If there is such a thing as a springtime social on the Outer Banks, it has to be the Womanless Beauty Pageant, sponsored by Brindley Beach Vacations. Walking through the doors of the event is like a one/two punch of friends and neighbors everywhere.

Performed before a packed house at Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern in Saturday evening, the 2014 version exceeded all expectations by any measure.”

To read the complete story, click HERE.

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