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wicked tuna comes to the outer banks

National Geographic Channel’s Wicked Tuna is one of their most popular shows. Recently producers of the program came to the Outer Banks to film their spinoff of the show, Wicked Tuna: North vs. South, which is a working title and may change. The Virginia Pilot‘s Lee Toliver did a great job of capturing the feeling of show and being a part of it.

Meet this season's Wicked Tuna captains (from left to right): Captain T.J. Ott (The Hot Tuna), Captain Paul Hebert (The Wicked Pissah!), Captain Bill Monte (The Bounty Hunter), Captain Dave Carraro (The, Captain Dave Marciano (The Hard Merchandise), Captain Tyler McLaughlin (The Pin Wheel), and Captain Bill "Hollywood" Muniz (The Lily).

This season’s Wicked Tuna captains  (left to right): Captain T.J. Ott (The Hot Tuna-Outer Banks), Cptn. Paul Hebert, Cptn Bill Monte, Cptn Dave Carraro, Cptn Dave Marciano, Cptn Tyler McLaughlin, and Cptn Bill “Hollywood” Muniz. Photo Wicked Tuna

“In the same waters where Blackbeard once sought protection, Capt. Greg Mayer quietly slipped his boat into this busy-by-day, sleepy-by-night fishing village. With his precious treasure secured, he pulled in under the cloak of darkness.

That is, until he hit the docks at the Broad Creek Fishing Center & Marina, and a blast of television camera lights lit up his world.”


To read the complete story click HERE.

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