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welcome, obx visitors! we love you! xox

Summer has come at last to the OBX and the party is open to all the many and various types of guests visiting these barrier islands. We love this funny (and only slightly tongue-in-cheek) piece by Lindsey Dianna, writing for the Duck/Corolla and the Outer Banks. She brings humor and good info galore in this love letter to Outer Banks tourists.

All are welcome on Outer Banks beaches. Kitty Hawk, July 4, 2015.

All are welcome on Outer Banks beaches. Kitty Hawk, July 4, 2015. Featured photo courtesy of Three Dog Ink.

“For a few months out of the year, our beloved little sandbar goes from holding a sparsely populated community to booming with numbers comparable to that of a major city. Tourists – many of us wouldn’t be here without you, and some of you, like us, come and never leave. If you’re arriving on the weekend, Saturday in particular, the red carpet that’s been rolled out for you is a very, very, very long line of cars in stop and go traffic. When you finally cross that bridge, you’re either making a very hard left to sit in more hours of traffic heading to the northern Outer Banks, or you’re about to be rudely introduced to the concept of a turning lane on our bypass heading south (pro tip: the middle is not a driving lane, it’s a turning lane). Once you make it to your home away from home, it’s game on – every day is like Christmas. The Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas, as Clark Griswold would say.”


The Outer Banks welcomes many types of visitors every summer, as “50 Shades of Tourists” makes clear.

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