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weird science comes to hatteras island

Space junk or science mystery?

The latest visitor to the Outer Banks may have begun it’s journey in outer space, drifting with the currents before washing ashore on Hatteras Island! Check out Aaron Moody’s story in the News and Observer. More photos by local photographer Erin Everlee HERE.

Is it otherworldly or otherwise. Hatteras Island aeronautical debris. Photo Erin Everlee

Is it otherworldly or otherwise? Hatteras Island aeronautical debris. Photo Erin Everlee

“The latest Outer Banks anomaly turned up on the beach at Hatteras on Sunday afternoon, and it may have fallen from the sky before it washed ashore.

Local authorities and others are generally describing the object as a slab of aeronautical debris.

The white, metal object is about 15 feet long and nine feet wide, according to Deputy Chief Ranger Mike Henry of the Outer Banks National Parks Service. It is curved and shows signs of tearing along one edge”

Get the rest of the story on the News & Observer .

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