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tr3 releases new album with an obx twist

TR3 band members, guitarist Tim Reynolds, drummer Dan Martier and bassist Mick Vaughn play the OBX a lot, between national and international tours, because two out of the three live here. With the release of their latest CD, “Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion,” the trio has produced a masterpiece from Swampworks, an Outer Banks studio. Writing for Outer Banks Magazine, Laura Martier evokes the feeling of the studio and takes a look at the music and musicians on the CD.

TR3 on the slopes of Jockey's Ridge.

TR3 on the slopes of Jockey’s Ridge.

“TR3’s new national release album was home-grown in a remote corner of the Outer Banks.

Just past the Do Not Enter sign, the road turns to dirt. Flanked by tall, scrubby pines and riddled with potholes, the way is wet with springtime puddles. Past fences, horses, geese, hens and yard dogs, past “Walk, Trot, Jog” and “No Trespassing” signs, past piles of debris, trailers and trash, the road forks and there is nothing but the earth, forest, low-lying water and sky of old Kitty Hawk.”

Find out more about the music of TR3. Click HERE.

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