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there’s a better way to start your obx vacation

As this writer from the the Carroll County Times discovered, summertime traffic on the Outer Banks can bumper to bumper on the weekends. After trying a couple of strategies, this family discovered a way to skip the traffic jam by planning ahead: book a fun activity online, get to the Outer Banks early in the morning, and then enjoy some great family time until its time to check in.

little girl surfing

Learning to surf is family fun. Photo courtesy Smiley’s Surf School

“My husband and I first visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the late 90’s and were immediately won over by the laid-back vibe, the vast white-sand beaches, and the clear, turquoise water.

In those early years, we vacationed with friends and, later, continued the tradition with extended family. Before our children started school, we had the luxury of traveling in the off-season, enjoying September’s balmy temperatures, warm water, and utter lack of traffic.”

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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