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the best of the obx :: in a box!

Here at HOBX there is nothing we like better than a great idea, so we had to tell you about the Outer Banks Box; a fresh new way to keep feeling the OBX love all year round! If you love the OBX or know someone who does, it really is the next best thing to an actual visit here. You can purchase a single Box (think PERFECT OBXmas gift, if you order by the end of this month) or a subscription. The folks at Outer Banks Box work 365 days a year to find the coolest assortment of items for each of their boxes, and mail four times a year… one for each season! You’ll get a little bit of treats, novelty items, momentos, and an extra dose of that beachy salt air. On our little islands it’s a big deal to support local business. ALL boxes will contain carefully curated LOCAL goods.

We loved this idea so much we had to try one out, and we weren’t disappointed. Here’s what HOBX correspondent Jill Highsmith discovered in her Outer Banks Box.

Open a Box of OBX treasures.

Open a Box of OBX treasures four times a year!

“At first glance you’re automatically transported back to the OBX with the beautiful color of this summer’s edition Outer Banks Box.The turquoise shade reminds you of a beautiful beach day spent on the Outer Banks and you’re instantly eager to open it and see what’s waiting for you inside.

It’s safe to say that everyone loves a present, but this gift is so much more than that! Not only is it fun to open and filled with unique trinkets that you can only find on the Outer Banks, but it reminds you of all the wonderful memories and moments shared with family and friends on your last OBX vacation.

Let’s get to the good stuff and talk about what’s inside! As soon as you open it you are pleasantly surprised by the elegant layout of all the items.You’re eyes immediately dart to the two cute ocean blue Koozies with the saying “Beach Please”. Looks like you’ll be sharing a cool beverage with a friend anytime of the year in true OBX style!

The next thing you notice and may be immediately taken with is the wood carved bottle opener with a hand stamped icon. This item is an amazing conversation piece and an absolutely charming addition to your counter, beach bag or picnic basket! 

Speaking of counter tops, no table would be complete without a set of customized beach scene note cards from James Melvin’s Studio. You can use these beach themed greetings cards as a decoration to spruce up your living room or mail them to friends a family that might also be missing the beautiful Outer Banks. 

As you dig deeper into the box you’ll find the perfect sunblock to take with you to the kid’s soccer game, BANXBlock! The sun during the summer months on the Outer Banks is extremely powerful and can sneak up on you.By using this BANXBlock while out on the boat or heading to the kid’s soccer practice, baseball game or any sporting events outside you are sure to protect you and your family from those strong ultra violet rays.

I’m sure by now you’re thinking nothing else can fit in the Box, but some how they made it work and there are even more surprises inside! 

Not everything in the Outer Banks Box will last forever though, and that brings us to the delicious salt-water taffies from Forbes candies, these taffies are filled with flavor and have a creamy but sweet taste that keeps you reaching in for more.They might not last forever but the cute gift bag that they come in will! After filling up on your favorite taffy flavors it’s time to move on to something a bit more savory. 

North Carolina is known for its delicious BBQ and the Outer Banks Box doesn’t skip a beat when providing quality flavor. Inside you will find a mouthwatering blend of classic Outer Banks spices that are the perfect complement for any fish, poultry, beef or veggies.This OBX official BBQ rub from the Spice & Tea Exchange in Duck brings you right back to summer cook outs at the beach. 

I’m confident that if you sign up to get an Outer Banks Box you will not be disappointed! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of items inside the box. You can tell that the creator has put time into each item and truly loves the Outer Banks! If you are looking for that perfect holiday gift that combines quality with nostalgia, an Outer Banks Box is for you!”

Hurry, orders for their Winter box stop 11/30/17! Talk about the perfect Christmas present for you or your favorite OBX lover! Visit today to order.

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