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surprising findings in obxer’s views on environment

ECU Associate Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Christine Avenarius’s study of Dare County attitudes toward environmental issues and beach nourishment reveal surprisingly nuanced views. Matt Walker had a chance to interview her at length about her findings and published what she had to say in the Spring issue, 3.1 of the Outer Banks Milepost, on the streets now. He also transcribed the interview verbatim for Outer Banks readers and has shared on the Milepost website in their brilliant Question Authority section.

“IHOBmpbchnrshmntn an age when politicians and activists increasingly twist environmental debate, one anthropologist asked people for their honest opinions.

Are you a Lorax — or an Onceler? Are you the bunny-hugging, pro-regulation eco-terrorist who “speaks for the trees?” Or the soulless pro-developer willing to pave over plovers and parks to make every penny? Quick, pick a side. Because when it comes to environmental debate in Dare County, there are only two teams: those who will protect nature no matter who it hurts economically; and those who will fuel the economy now matter how much nature it kills.

Or so the various politicians and activist groups would have you believe.”

To read the complete story, click HERE.

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