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surfin’ spoon: tasty yogurt + great atmosphere

We came across this Resort Realty blog about Surfin’ Spoon and we just thought they did a great job of describing one of our favorite places to take the kids for a treat. Of course as adults, we only sample the frozen yogurt, fruit toppings, syrup and whipped cream because we don’t want our kids eating alone.

Enjoying frozen yogurt at Surfin' Spoon. Photo North Beach Sun (Kip Tabb)

Enjoying frozen yogurt at Surfin’ Spoon. Photo North Beach Sun (Kip Tabb)

“Who doesn’t love some tasty frozen yogurt on a hot summer day? Even better if if it’s a cool little joint owned by a renowned local surfer, right? Yeww!!!

Surfin’ Spoon is just that. 

Located in Nags Head on the Beach Road at milepost 10.5, Surfin’ Spoon is owned by (former) professional surfer Jesse Hines and his wife, Whitney.”

We’ve whetted your appetite, now learn more about Surfin’ Spoon by clicking HERE.

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