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step back in time to portsmouth island

On a clear day, you can spot Portsmouth Island from Ocracoke. If you haven’t taken a trip over to the small island that is at the northern tip of Cape Lookout National Seashore , you should. If you have made that 20 minute journey that takes you years back in time, you already know how incredible it is. Either way, you’ll enjoy this awesome accounting of a first time visit by Crystal Canterbury, writing for the Ocracoke Current.

old church on deserted island

The United Methodist Church, now closed to visitors because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Photo courtesy of the Ocracoke Current.


inside the old church

The interior of the church. This photo was taken in 2000, when entrance to the church was still possible.

“Upon arriving at Portsmouth – after noticing the large amount of busted clamshells on the dock – you’ll realize there is a complete lack of usual sounds. No vehicle engines or horns, no barking dogs, no home heating/cooling unit fans spinning, no music, no man-made machinery. Even cell phones were quiet. You will, however, see salt marsh and water, cedar and juniper trees, hear bird chirps, and recognize the faint sound of tall grasses being moved by the wind. Since there are no paved roads or walkways, the dirt walkways-turned-mud (due to rain) will squish-squash under your feet. When combined with the aforementioned observations, you will realize that you are truly in a secluded, remote location.”


Read the rest of the story over at the Ocracoke Current.

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