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It’s been a crazy winter on the OBX, to say the least. The last winter storm dumped a bunch of ice on Ocracoke, which was beautiful, but not nearly as much fun as SNOW. This storm provided plenty of the fun fluffy stuff, and the island’s online newspaper the Ocracoke Current has put together this great slideshow of what can happen when Ocracoke kids of every age get to play in the snow.

snowman on ocracoke island

Ocracoke Current photo

“Snow day at Ocracoke School + packing snow = lots and lots of snow sculptures! Ocracoke kids (and adults) enjoyed a day full of snowball fights, snowman-building, snow cream, and plenty of photo opportunities. I’ve collected all the snow people photos I could find, plus a few extras because it never gets old seeing our little island under a blanket of white.”

Check out the great pics HERE.


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