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single stallion seeks lady friend(s)

If you love the OBX and Corolla in particular, then you’ve probably heard about Gus. We love his story and couldn’t resist posting this great update we found over on the Currituck County Visitor’s Center’s site,

“Meet Gus. This hot young stallion just moved to OBX from Cedar Island. He likes long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain, and he’s looking for love… among the Corolla wild horse herd, that is. Gus is a big deal.

stallion eating grass

Lucky Gus checking out his new digs. Photo courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

The Corolla wild horses are suffering the consequences of limited genetic diversity. Just as prolonged inbreeding of dogs or cats can result in increased risk for health concerns, the horses have started to experience some birth defects because the entire herd is down to a single maternal line. Without introductions of unrelated horses from different maternal lines, the Corolla horses would eventually experience a genetic collapse.”


Read the rest of this story HERE.

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