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simple rules for a better beach

Common sense, courtesy and knowing the law = better beach experience.

Much of what Irene Nolan, writing for the Island Free Press, says about beach etiquette in this column first published last July seems like common sense. Yet all too often what seems obvious to most appears to befuddle many when it comes to using our Outer Banks beaches. Irene passed away in March her voice and writing still resonate.

Beach driving at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Beach driving at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

“Years ago, I used to write a summer column on beach etiquette — not every year, but fairly often.  I haven’t done in it in a while, and I was reminded by several recent encounters on the beach that maybe it’s time to publish something on this topic again.

So here it goes.

And this isn’t a column just for our visitors — sometimes even locals need reminding about beach manners. Also, it’s not just about etiquette — in addition to manners, beach drivers need to know the law and obey it and use some common sense. So my list in this column includes a mixture of all three.”


Read the complete Irene Nolan list of basic beach courtesy here.

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