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SHARK! wait…in the sound?

Say what? A great white shark in the SOUND? Ocearch has been tracking a couple of great white lady sharks off our coast this winter, and on Thursday 2, 300 lb. Genie (that’s almost as much as a CAR!) went for a swim in the sound. This great story on News Channel 3 WTKR gives us the skinny on these most interesting visitors to the Outer Banks, and may cause you to rethink that soundside kayak trip until she’s left the neighborhood.

“Two great white sharks, swimming near the North Carolina coast have created a lot of buzz online recently.

shark tracks

As Genie heads north and away from the OBX, another great white named Wilma Lee is moving towards the beach. Image courtesy OCEARCH.

In fact, one of those sharks, who goes by the name of Genie, swam her way into the Pamlico Sound of North Carolina around 3:30 a.m. Thursday. Genie weighs nearly 2,300 pounds and is about 14 feet long.

Genie was tagged in 2012 by researchers at Ocearch, an organization whose mission is to track the movement and study the behavior and health of sharks in the deep blue sea.

Since then, according to Ocearch’s website, Genie has traveled more than 6,000 miles, swimming as far north as Massachusetts and as far south as the Florida coast.”



Read the rest of the story and see the VIDEO on
Join the fun and check out Ocearch’s Shark Tracker HERE!

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