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SHARK! katharine the great white visits obx again

Sharks are not a popular topic on the OBX. For years any mention of a shark attack (and there really haven’t been that many) would end up buried in the back of the paper, if it even made the news. These days folks seem a bit more realistic about the things that share the ocean with us, and this big girl (14′ 2″ and 2,300 lbs) named Katharine kinda has a fan club! The folks over at Inquisitr posted this interesting piece about Katharine and her latest visit to the OBX.

map of shark's travels

OCEARCH’s tracking of Katharine, covering over 11,000 miles since tagged in August 2013.

“Katharine the great white shark has signaled from the North Carolina coast, breaking the surface 11 days after she was last recorded near the Florida-Georgia border and returning to the Outer Banks for the second time this season.

Originally tagged off Cape Cod in late 2013, Katharine’s recent absence from Ocearch’s tracking website was notable, as the great white has remained in a striking and well-documented coastal pattern. In December of last year, Katharine turned south, departing the cape late in the season and embarking on a single-minded course that took her to the Outer Banks, where she entered Pamlico Sound and visited the mouth of the Pamlico River. The shark then continued south, reaching Florida in late January. As she traveled down the coast to New Smyrna Beach, Katharine’s fans were left to wonder whether her course would take the shark into the Gulf of Mexico, as it did the previous year.”

Find out where Katharine went next, and read the rest of the story on The Inquisitr News.

OCEARCH is a non-profit organization with a global reach for unprecedented research on great white sharks and other large apex predators. In a collaborative environment established by Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer, OCEARCH enables leading researchers and institutions to generate previously unattainable data on the movement, biology and health of sharks to protect their future while enhancing public safety and education.

Want to follow Katharine? Download a Shark Tracker app!

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