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saying goodbye to frisco pier

Requiem for an Outer Banks landmark.

For 55 years Frisco Pier has been a part of the Outer Banks shoreline, but time, storms and the ocean have combined to seal the pier’s fate. Writing for the Island Free Press, Cate Kozak writes a moving and powerful column about the loss of an icon.

Damaged Frisco Pier

Damaged Frisco Pier

Even in its wretched, storm-battered state, the teetering Frisco Pier is still an Outer Banks celebrity, with photographs of it all over the Internet, and Facebook pages dedicated to it.

But by the end of the year, the remains of the iconic 55-year-old yellow pier house and rickety pier will be gone – or at least, close to it.

Contractors are expected to start removing the wooden structure and its hundreds of pilings by the end of November or early December, said Dave Hallac, superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Park Service.

An icon of the Hatteras Island shoreline, the Frisco Pier will soon be gone. Get the rest of the story on the Island Free Press .

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