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resort realty: confident in hatteras island success

Resort Realty has been one of the most successful property management companies on the Outer Banks for a number of years with their operations concentrated on the northern Outer Banks . . . until recently. This article from Russ Lay of the Outer Banks Voice explores Resort Realty’s investment in the future of Hatteras Island.

Tarang Corner Shopping Center in Waves.

Tarang Corner Shopping Center in Waves.

“Last February, Resort Realty announced the opening of a new office on Hatteras Island, branding it Resort Realty Hatteras Island.

It marked the first entrance by a major Outer Banks real estate firm onto Hatteras Island in quite some time.

Before that announcement, the company, through its real estate and business investment entity, Resort Group Ventures LLC, purchased the former Tarang Corner Shopping Center in Waves.

Both moves caught our attention.”



To read the rest of the story, click HERE.

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