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property rights win in obx beach battle

Right or wrong? A court battle pitting the right of property owners to maintain their property against Nags Head and state government’s desire to provide for the safe use of public beaches has been resolved in favor of the property owners. But their neighbors aren’t too happy. Jeff Hampton writing for the Virginian Pilot tells the story.

Condemned homes along Seagull Way in 2012. Photo, North Beach Sun

Condemned homes along Seagull Drive in 2012. Photo, North Beach Sun

“Roc Sansotta stuck an extension ladder in the sand next to a leaning beach home, climbed to the top and used his power drill to screw a tattered American flag to the siding.

He posted worn flags on two other storm-battered houses along Seagull Drive. His poodle Bruno followed and watched every move. The faded and threadbare red and white stripes fluttered in a soft south wind Thursday while the surf lapped nearby.

Sansotta put up ragged flags on the damaged structures as a symbol for all that he and his homes have been through since Veterans Day five years ago, he said.”


Is this a legal resolution to a multi-year court battle? Read the rest of the story on

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