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poulos house lights the obx night sky

The holiday light show at the Poulos house in Kill Devil Hills is an OBX tradition

‘Tis the season when the The Poulos house fills the night sky with the beauty of Christmas lights. The family has been offering their gift to the Outer Banks for almost 40 years, as Kip Tabb writes for the North Beach Sun.

Poulos house with lights showing universal message of the family. Photo Kip Tabb

Poulos house with lights showing a universal message of family. Photo Kip Tabb


“The holidays are a time of light.

There was a time when lighting the night sky was a miracle. A time when holding back the darkness was a symbol of faith, representing the triumph of good over evil.

We no longer think of holding back the night as a miracle or that filling a winter’s night with light is representative of anything other than beauty, yet that is where the tradition of Christmas lights originated. It was a way to symbolize the miracle of good defeating the evil of darkness.

We have come a long way from candles burning on a Christmas tree, which was never the safest way to illuminate the night. We trim our homes in lights, we have lawn decorations that include inflated Saint Nicks and snowmen and religious symbols of every type.

It is both an acknowledgment of the season and a gift to ourselves.

As gifts of light and holiday spirit go, it would be hard to surpass the 37 years of lights and Christmas decorations that the Poulos family has given the Outer Banks.”

Read the rest of this story over on the North Beach Sun.

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