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ocracoke = unspoiled and affordable

Ocracoke takes the #3 spot on this list.

Writing for Thrillist, John Marshall sure got it right describing Ocracoke as one of the best unspoiled and affordable beach towns in America. Some of his historic facts are a bit dubious, but there is no question about his description of Ocracoke today.

Take a trip to Ocracoke and discover why it's an American beach town treasure.

Take a trip to Ocracoke and discover why it’s an American beach town treasure.

“Too often we hit the beach and find crowded boardwalks, overpriced ice cream, and throngs of thong-wearing loungers. If there’s one thing you want to avoid as a tourist, it’s other tourists. Lucky for you, we’ve hammered out a list of 10 beach towns that are as uncrowded as they are affordable, so you can have that seaside getaway sans everyone’s least favorite thing: other people.”


Find out why Thrillist thinks Ocracoke is still one of the most unspoiled beach towns around.

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