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obx wedding expo = love, obx style

Exciting, fun and filled with possibilities, weddings and events have become an important part of what the Outer Banks does. Kip Tabb writing for the North Beach Sun does a wonderful job of describing what those attending enjoyed at this year’s Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo.

Two of the many vendors at the Wedding Expo 2016. Newcomer Camp Cocktail next to Wes Stepp of Red Sky Cafe.

Two of the many vendors at the Wedding Expo 2016. Newcomer Camp Cocktail, and Wes Stepp of Red Sky Cafe.

“The transformation of the First Flight Middle and High School gyms into a showcase for Outer Banks wedding professionals is almost a work of art. Perhaps after 10 or 12 years the sense of wonder at seeing the Outer Banks Wedding Association convert the rooms into a new image would be gone, but there is something so wonderfully different in what has happened that the awe still lingers.

If that is the feeling that exists after so many shows, the feelings of couples planning their Outer Banks wedding as the enter into the Wedding Expo can only be imagined.”

Two hundred vendors, music, food and the promise of a life together. The North Beach Sun tells the story.

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