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obx photog biff jennings – just being himself

Biff Jennings from Shooters at the Beach has built a well-deserved reputation on the Outer Banks as an artist with a camera, and he’s a pretty cool dude. Elizabeth Baier took note and wrote about Jennings’ love of capturing people “just being themselves” in this photo-rich piece over on WUNC’s website.

“As Biff Jennings likes to explain, he spent the first third of his life in and around Ashland, Kentucky; the second third on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; and he’ll let you know about the next third—in about thirty years.

Now 60, Jennings runs a family business, Shooters at the Beach, with his wife, son and a handful of colleagues. They shoot family portraits, weddings and commercial photography on the Outer Banks. And as he puts it, “it ain’t so bad.”

Viewing the Outer Banks with an artist’s eye. Check out the rest of the story and more pics by Biff Jennings over at WUNC.
You can find more of Biff’s work HERE.

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