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obx #6 on list of 10 best US beaches

The coolest thing about this list of best US beaches from US News Travel is not just that the Outer Banks is on it, but that you can vote now to help move the OBX up on next years list! GO OBX!

aerial shot of oregon inlet

The ever-changing Oregon Inlet. Photo courtesy of Above the Coast.

“We’ve narrowed down the field of the diverse and abundant beaches in the United States to help you choose the spot best suited for your next vacation. In addition to user votes and expert opinion, U.S. News considered which beaches boast smooth sand, pleasant waters and high-quality tourist attractions to bring you this list of the best beaches in the U.S. What’s your favorite sandy spot in the country? Cast your vote below to play a role in determining next year’s ranking.”


Go to US News Travel to cast your VOTE!

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