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nu-blu brings new bluegrass sound to obx

Nu-Blu is a bluegrass band that is poised to move to national notoriety. Kip Tabb, writing for the North Beach Sun gives a good sense of what the group is all about and how many years really go into overnight success.

Austin Koerner, Carolyn Routh, Daniel Routh and Levi Austin--Nu Blu at the Outer Banks Brewing Station.

Austin Koerner, Carolyn Routh, Daniel Routh and Levi Austin–Nu Blu at the Outer Banks Brewing Station.

“Music speaks differently to all of us, and we all have very different tastes. Yet there are times when we hear something in music that catches us by surprise, holds our interest and stays with us.

Maybe that’s why the first time I heard Nu-Blu at the first Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival, I knew I was hearing something special. And when I heard them again last year, that was confirmed.”

Want to catch them on the OBX? Now in the second week of a two week tour of the Outer Banks, they have played Tanger Outlet, a church in Mann’s Harbor and the Outer Banks Brewing Station. They played at the Whalehead Club on Tuesday, will play the Nags Head Pier on Thursday, down in Frisco at Banjo Island on Friday and finish up at The Blue Point in Duck to cap the restaurant’s 25th Anniversary celebration on Saturday!

To hear their sound and learn more about Nu Blu, click HERE.

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