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nourishment plan rearranges schedule

Kill Devil Hills then Kitty Hawk in new beach nourishment plan.

Not all dredges are created equal and two of the three dredges that will be pumping sand from the ocean to Outer Banks beaches will be available earlier than anticipated. Dodge Island and Padre Island operate better closer to shore, so Great Lakes Dock and Dredge, the contractor flipped the Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk nourishment schedules, according to Sam Walker writing for the Outer Banks Voice.

Beach Nourishment construction on the town of Duck's beach.

Beach Nourishment construction on the town of Duck’s beach.

“The contractor for the $38.5 million beach nourishment project along northern Dare County’s shoreline plans to take advantage of a scheduling change elsewhere and shuffle the order of towns that will be completed first.

Great Lakes Dock and Dredge announced Friday that two of the three dredges working on the project that started last month along Duck will now be available the entire month of June.”


Find out more about the new beach nourishment schedule as reported by the Outer Banks Voice.

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