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musician kim france comes home to ocracoke

After meandering around a bit, Ocracoke’s Kim France has found her way back home for the summer. It’s been a journey filled with twists and turns, as the Ocracoke Current’s Lou Ann Homan found when she sat down to talk with the singer and musician.

HOBKF“I was looking forward to meeting Kim France. I knew where she would be staying, where she would be playing, and where she would be working, but we had not yet met.

There was a rumor that she would be performing at the Ocrafolk Opry on Wednesday evening, but I wouldn’t believe it until I actually saw her. I sold tickets at the door as usual, but didn’t see her come in. By the time intermission rolled around I began to think of Kim as just a story or a rumor. The lights dimmed in the theater and she was announced. Finally, I thought. I turned around to see her, but the upright bass she carried was larger than she was so I didn’t get a good look until she was on stage. Maybe it was her curly hair or her smile, but I realized she was exactly what I expected, until she sang. Nothing prepared me for her voice and her talent playing that bass. She sang a mountain song first and then wowed the audience with Iris DeMent’s “Our Town.” The audience was canopied in silence as we listened to her husky voice sing the story and play the notes. I became an immediate fan.”

Read more about Ocracoke’s Summer songbird on the Ocracoke Current by clicking HERE.

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