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moms vs bonner bridge = moms WIN!

Really need to get something done? Leave it up to some OBX moms. Beth Midgett and Natalie Kavanagh of the Hatteras Island group Bridge Moms were at the center of getting a replacement span for the Bonner Bridge. When politicians or officials wavered, the Moms were there to push the need for a safe replacement for the bridge. No one mentioned them at the groundbreaking ceremony, but Russ Lay, writing for the Outer Banks Voice , eloquently tells their story.

Beth Midgett and Natalie Kavanagh Bridge Moms at replacement for the Bonner Bridge groundbreaking. Photo, Outer Banks Voice.

Beth Midgett and Natalie Kavanagh of Bridge Moms at the replacement Bonner Bridge groundbreaking. Photo courtesy the Outer Banks Voice.

“The was no shortage of star power on the speaker’s platform Tuesday morning at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Bonner Bridge.

Gov. Pat McCrory, U.S. Rep.  Walter B. Jones, Jr, Transportation Secretary Secretary Nicholas Tennyson, Dare County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bob Woodard and NCDOT District 1 board member Malcolm Fearing comprised the list of those who commemorated this day.

But among those in the audience were dozens of people who played significant roles in bringing about the resolution of the Bonner Bridge replacement that led to this, literally, groundbreaking day.

One of the more important groups were perhaps one of the least known on the north side of the Bonner Bridge: The Bridge Moms.”


Get the inside story on the Bridge Moms over on the Outer Banks Voice.

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