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michelangelo in manteo?

It seems that the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo may be a repository of surprising historic works of art. First, evidence indicates strongly that a portrait of Queen Elizabeth owned by the Gardens is a rare example of an unflattering depiction of Elizabeth I. Now, according to an article written by Elizabethan Gardens Marketing Director John Buford, there is reason to believe the statuary in the Gardens are the works of 15th and 16th century Italian masters, perhaps including Michelangelo.

Statuary in Elizabethan Gardens.

Statuary in Elizabethan Gardens.

“We know how the statues came to be here,” commented Carl Curnutte, Executive director of The Elizabethan Gardens, “but exactly where these Italian statues originated is a mystery to us. There is simply no known account of who carved them, where they were found in Italy, and why they would send them abroad.”

While Howard hoped to find our more from her travels, she returned without answers.

Perhaps Howard was on to something.

During the time he imported these statues, White was designing and decorating the Whitney’s New York City home, built from 1902 to 1906. A curious statue White placed in this Manhattan residence garnered the attention of art scholars recently. Today they think that statue is a work by Michelangelo.

Could The Gardens statues also be by the same classical master? Markings may hold a clue.”

Are they the works of the Italian masters or are they not? Check out the complete story at the Elizabethan Gardens.

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