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mermaids invade obx resort!

There’s much more to being a mermaid than being named Ariel! Sanderling Resort, teaming up with Kitty Hawk Kites, is offering the first Outer Banks course in how to be a mermaid, and it’s a huge summer hit. Valerie Luesse, writing for Southern Living tells us how we can get in the swim.

mermaids in the pool

Mermaids in the pool! Photo by Dawn Church

“Get your fin on at the Sanderling Resort just north of Duck, North Carolina, on Bodie Island. Sanderling just rolled out a new Mermaid School for the summer season. Partnering with local outfitter Kitty Hawk Kites, which offers everything from kayaking and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) to hang gliding and bi-plane flight lessons, the Sanderling is bringing quality mermaid instruction to the resort.

Learn breath control; master a fluid dolphin kick so that you glide through the water like, well, a fish; and perfect your tail smacking and Hula-Hoop diving skills. Plus, you’ll learn stylish mermaid posing, as you can expect to be photographed. (That tends to happen when you lounge poolside in a mermaid tail.) It goes without saying that tail fitting and rental are included with your session. And you’ll receive instruction on tail application, removal, and care.”

For anyone who thinks mermaids are only real in fairytales, here’s the rest of article from Southern Living.

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