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master your obx beach scene this summer!

You’ve seen them out there. The family with the most rockin’ OBX beach gear set up you’ve ever seen: awesome tent, tunes, chairs, and games. But just thinking about the energy required to hump all that equipment to and from the beach is making you sweaty! You wish that somehow that awesome set up could be yours, without all the effort. Well…

A rockin' BeachMasters setup will keep you cool!

A rockin’ BeachMasters setup will keep you cool!

Renting tents, chairs and everything needed for comfort on the beach, the winning concept behind BeachMasters is simple. “We set it up and break it down daily.”

Every day the tents, chairs, coolers, boom boxes and blenders are rented, BeachMasters brings it all to the beach in the morning and sets it up, then breaks it all down and gets it off the beach for the night. No work for you!

Serendipity is one of those moments when timing and opportunity intersect. For Tom Kelly of the new BeachMasters, which not only rents beach gear, but also sets it up and takes it away at the end of the day, the summer of 2015 was his moment.

Their timing was perfection because of this key component of service: removing the gear from the beach at the end of the day. Last year local municipalities and county governments, concerned about the safety of leaving equipment on the beach overnight, passed ordinances that levy fines for abandoned gear and even allow property to be seized.

For Tom, the business was a natural outgrowth of something he and his family were already doing. “We would do this as a group with family and friends,” he said. “ We started with cheaper tents but learned quickly that we needed a sturdier version, then we added chairs and cornhole and a blaster, and the crowning glory of the countertop and blender.” “We just kept expanding it and got better at it.”  Other beachgoers would regularly stop by to admire the set up, and the idea for BeachMasters was born.

Believing the time was right for his different approach to renting beach gear, plans were already moving forward before the local laws were passed. “I really thought it could be a great business opportunity,” Tom said. The recent emphasis on clearing everything off the beach was an example of being in the right place at the right time. “A stroke of luck for us,” is how Tom describes it.

And it has been. “We booked solid last season,” he said. “We’ve expanded as quickly as we could to deal with the demand for this summer, buying more gear and hiring more staff so that we can serve more customers!”

Find out everything you need to know about BeachMasters HERE.

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