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lovie’s = beauty-full vibes in historic corolla

We love this beautiful piece by Beth Storie in Outer Banks This Week about our favorite place of beauty! Whether you are looking for a top notch salon experience or a full on wedding hair and makeup extravaganza, Lovie’s salon and spa is tucked away in a lovely old home in historic Corolla Village, and is filled to the brim with good vibes that will stay with you long after you leave.

Lovie's entrance“The Lovie’s experience is likely to be different from any other salon or spa you’ve been to. It’s a mixture of high-end talented women with a bohemian, laid-back vibe. It’s NYC-trained stylists who specialize in the natural-looking balayage technique. It’s airbrushed perfection makeup for your wedding day that, incredibly, still looks beautifully like you. And it’s body and face treatments that combine the latest techniques with products created from the earth’s own pure and ancient healing ingredients.”


Read the rest of the scoop on Lovie’s on Outer Banks This Week!


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