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local legend mickey mccarthy talks surf shots

Photographer Mickey McCarthy is legendary on the Outer Banks. If there are waves, I guarantee that you’ll find Mickey at the best spot, capturing spectacular shots of the OBX and our talented local surfers. We love this article over on! Jess Lowcher talks to Mickey about his thirty-plus years behind the lens and features a few of his favorite shots.

A surfer completes an aerial turn

This shot of Noah Snyder is one of McCarthy’s favorites. Image courtesy of

How long have you been calling the OBX home and when/how did you first get into surf photography?

“My wife Betsy and I moved to Kill Devil Hills from Virginia Beach in 1981. We live in Colington Harbour, where I built our home in 1983 and have been there ever since. The reason we moved here was simple, the OBX has the best waves on the East Coast. It was the early 60’s when I fell in love with surfing. Surf photography was just a natural progression into both art forms.

Lighthouse, Outer Banks, Feb 1999. Image courtesy of

Lighthouse, Outer Banks, Feb 1999. Image courtesy of

My dad was an avid photographer and he’s the one that sparked my love for photography. Early surf magazines were also a big part of my early years, inspiring me to dream of being a surf photographer.”

A surfer catches a wave near a pier

Jordan Ford, 1983. Image courtesy of


Read the entire interview and see more great photos over at

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