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local author sets latest book on ocracoke

Author and Ocracoke resident Pat Garber has rolled a bit of everything into her latest book according to Irene Nolan of the Island Free Press. Combining a delightful story with an artist’s eye for life on the Island, “Paws and Tales” is a wonderful read and a great introduction to Ocracoke.


“Ocracoke author Pat Garber’s newest book, “Paws and Tales,” is a story told by a dog and a cat, which doesn’t seem at all strange to anyone who knows the writer — an animal lover whose two most popular books feature the island’s wildlife.

The new book features mystery, adventure, and romance all rolled into one story that will please the young, young-at-heart, and Ocracoke lovers everywhere.”


Ocracoke author Pat Garber has written a number of books featuring the island. Read about her latest on the Island Free Press.

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