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‘lego’ bridge reconstruction begins

Known fondly as the “Lego bridge” due to it’s piecemeal appearance, the New Inlet bridge is getting a much needed makeover. Moving quickly following their historic agreement with the SELC, NCDOT has already begun work to replace the metal plate span at New Inlet on Hatteras Island. As reported in the Outer Banks Voice, the new bridge will be safer, stronger and much longer than the current, rather sketchy looking one.

The Lego Bridge

Construction to replace the “Lego” or temporary bridge over inlet cut by Hurricane Irene in 2012 has begun.

“Preliminary work is beginning on Pea Island as contractors for the N.C. Department of Transportation prepare to build an interim, concrete bridge over the breach cut by Hurricane Irene in 2011.

A $14.3 million contract to T.A. Loving Co. of Goldsboro was awarded last month for construction of a new bridge to replace the existing metal temporary bridge over the area known as New Inlet on northern Hatteras Island.”


NCDOT is moving quickly to replace the temporary bridge at New Inlet with a more permanent span as reported in the Outer Banks Voice.

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