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kill devil hills = best surf town

Best tubes on East coast? Good ole Kill Devil Hills.

Telling the world what local surfers already know, Surfer Magazine has rated Kill Devil Hills as one of the 10 best surf towns in the US–mostly because of near perfect conditions that come ashore every winter.

A Mickey McCarthy picture. Surfers at Avalon Pier, Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Photo by the late great Mickey McCarthy. Surfers at Avalon Pier, Kill Devil Hills, NC.

“The thin strip of land far off the coast of North Carolina known as the Outer Banks can feel very, very removed. That’s precisely because it is. Rustic beachhouses are perched on stilts with hightides nearly at their doorsteps. Sea oats dance on the coastal dunes. Each year, hurricanes come close enough to send the residents running. Despite its sinister name, few American surf towns boast the peace of mind on offer in the Outer Banks town of Kill Devil Hills. That peace of mind, of course, is access to some of the best tubes on offer on the entire Eastern Seaboard. Sure, summer sees its fair share of visitors who want a taste of this town’s beautiful isolation, but in the winters? It’s just you and chilly, thundering peaks.”

Check out the rest of the list on Surfer Magazine.

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