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jennette’s pier is a win for the obx!

We knew it was good when we saw the initial plans for Jennette’s Pier but no one knew how much both the locals and visitors would LOVE it! Great story by Ed Beckley on the Outer Banks Voice, detailing what a boon to the OBX the pier really is.

wedding couple on pier

Wedding photographer Genevieve Stewart captured this interesting image of a couple checking out their ceremony set up on the pier just before it began. (Genevieve Stewart Photography & Films photo)

“Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head has attracted more than three million visitors since opening in 2011, was responsible for several million dollars in visitor spending and even got a facelift inside at the gift shop.

Site Director Mike Remige presented an update on the pier to Nags Head commissioner earlier this year.

Operationally, Remige said, the pier supports 64 full-time jobs annually, generates more than $5.25 million in economic output, and attributed almost $11 million in offsite visitor spending annually.”


Read the rest of the story on the Outer Banks Voice.

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