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investing in beaches pays big dividends

In 2014 the Outer Banks generated well over $1 billion in revenue. It’s a tale that is being told by countless coastal communities, and the investments made in infrastructure and beach nourishment are some of the most profitable government will make according to the  San Diego Community Newspaper Group.


“Thanks to ongoing research, we know how much America’s coast contributes to the national economy. But what does that mean on a local level?

 The national economic impact of beaches is clear – in tourism and taxes, in revenues and returns on investment. Consider these facts:
Beaches help generate $225 billion a year for the national economy, contributing about $25 billion in federal tax revenue.*
85 percent* of all tourism-related revenue in the U.S. is generated in coastal states — where beaches are the leading tourist attraction.”

Our shorelines are some of our most beautiful and economically valuable resources. Read the rest of this article HERE.

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