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insider advice on how to navigate obx summer traffic!

This sweet blog posted by Ryan Thibodeau of Carolina Designs gives some great advice to our out of town drivers on how to get around on our roads. Keyword: relax.

Before there was a Wright Memorial Bridge--1930s toll bridge between Point Harbor and Kitty Hawk.

Before there was a Wright Memorial Bridge–1930s toll bridge between Point Harbor and Kitty Hawk.

“Now that the summer season is officially here and our roads, businesses and beach accesses are once again filled with out-of-state license plates, just about everyone who lives on the Outer Banks is exhaling a huge sigh of relief.

This may seem contradictory to people who don’t live here; why look forward to slow moving highways and busy stores? The answer is simple: living on the Outer Banks, the relationship between summer crowds and employment opportunities is a close one.

So in the interest of hospitality and giving our guests a more relaxing vacation, we have put together some helpful hints for using the Outer Banks transportation network.”

For more insider tips on navigating the OBX, click HERE.

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