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hoi toide on the soundside: outer banks english

If you’ve ever spent any time down on Hatteras or Ocracoke Islands you’ve probably heard the brogue spoken the natives islanders. Not southern at all, I think it’s like Irish with a bit of Limey thrown in. Whatever it is, it’s pretty fascinating, and so is this video created by the North Carolina Language and Life Project .

“North Carolina is one of the most linguistically diverse states in the United States, reflecting a wide variety of regional and sociocultural English dialects as well as an assortment of ancestral and immigrant languages. This natural linguistic diversity raises a number of empirical questions about the nature of language variation and its social and educational implications for students, the citizens of North Carolina, and the general public.

The North Carolina Language and Life Project (NCLLP) was established at North Carolina State University in 1993 to focus on research, graduate and undergraduate education, and outreach programs related to language in the American South.”

You can visit the NCLLP media store HERE.


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