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history in hatteras | burrus red & white

Over 150 years of service to the Hatteras community.

For visitors or residents of Hatteras Village, Burrus Red & White grocery store is as much a part of life as the people and place. Writing for Our State Magazine, Lane DeGregory perfectly captures the feeling of small town life and a store that has been part of the village since 1866.

Burrus Red & White before the brick building. Probably early 1970s.

Burrus Red & White before the brick building. Probably the 1960s or 70s.

“Every morning before the sun crawls out of the Atlantic, before fishermen untie their trawlers and ferry workers descend on the docks and tourists begin to blanket the beaches, Allen Burrus, 62, unlocks his small grocery to meet delivery trucks in the dark — and puts on the coffee that fuels his hometown.

You can’t order a latte or cappuccino at the Red & White. The closest Starbucks is a 90-minute drive away.

But past the Rodanthe pier and Avon surf shops, the Buxton lighthouse and Frisco campground — at the southern end of Hatteras Island — you’ll find two burners with glass pots brewing just inside the front door of the Outer Banks’ oldest store.”


For over 150 years, Burrus Red & White has been a part of the Hatteras Village community. Read the whole story on Our State Magazine.

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