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here’s your chance to share your obx story

Hmmm, you say, what’s the deal with that weird “share your story” button on every page of this website?

share your outer banks story

Hidden Outer Banks is a COLLECTIVE:

A place where we can ALL share our stories of the obx and what it looks like/feels like for us through words, video, art, photos, music– whatever that means to each of us, so that we can tell a collective tale of this place ~ sing a collective song of love of the outer banks ~ so to speak.

It’s about the obx as a CULTURE. How the combination of individual voices create the weft and weave, the true fabric of the obx…

So, gentle readers, show me what you got. Click on the button below, and email me your photo, video, story, drawing, song, and/or interpretation of sand in ancient Sanskrit. Don’t forget to send along a simple bio so we can know a little about who you are. Now’s your chance ~ join us.

share your story

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