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H2OBX = fun for the whole family

New waterpark geared to all day family fun.

It’s really is all about family at H2OBX. Yes, there are fun rides; yes some of them are really thrilling rides. But everything about the new water park is designed with families in mind. Park hours are 10 am -7 pm and they are open through September 4th, so there is plenty of fun left to be had this summer.

“We have some…thrill rides,” said Andrew Baird, director of marketing and sales for Camel Back Resorts who was managing the park. “But we have a ton of things for families. There’s a lot to do for everyone. One of the cool things that this park features is there is plenty there for younger children.” 

Kids love H2OBX! Photo by Matt Lusk, courtesy of H2OBX.

Just across the bridge from the Outer Banks in Powell’s Point, the park is designed to be an all day event, though locals have discovered that a season pass means that a few hours after work can totally do the trick. There are plenty of places to eat—even beer for mom and dad—picnic tables, LOADS of shaded areas and lounge chairs…and then there’s the Lazy River, a chance to just float around the park, relax and enjoy life!

What really seems to set H2OBX apart is how well thought-out the experience for the whole family will be. 

There is a toddler or small child island that has at least 15 slides in all sorts of configurations. There are very short, easy slides so the littlest kids can have some fun with their parents; but there are also slightly larger, more complex slides that are smaller versions of the big thrill slides.

Queen Anne’s Revenge really gets moving! Photo by Matt Lusk for H2OBX

“The attraction that hasn’t been featured anywhere is the dual entry wave beach. For Twin Tides it begins in the center and expands out to the sides. It creates a whole introductory experience for kids getting into the wave pool,” he said.

There is no way to say what the most popular ride is. The slides are fast, fun and thrilling. There are tube rides for one, two or up to six. There are wave pools and wading pools. And once in, as many times as the tower can be scaled is how many times Paradise Plunge can be taken…a personal favorite.

There is also the Endless Wave Flowrider creating the perfect wave for boogie boarders. There is some power to the wave, but it’s certainly safe and fun.

Getting some instruction at the Endless Flow Wave Rider. Photo Kip Tabb

Getting some instruction at the Endless Flow Wave Rider. Photo Kip Tabb

And safety and fun is really what H2OBX is all about.

“The whole idea behind the park is to make it an experience that is different than other waterparks or amusement park,” Baird said. “By capping attendance daily, people can get where they want to go without fighting crowds. We’ll probably start at 5000 people for now.”

2018 Season Passes are already on sale, and are good for the rest of this season and next! At $89 per pass, that’s a great deal! Get more info and buy passes HERE.

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