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fresh booty recovered from the queen anne’s revenge

For a ship that ran aground in Beaufort in June 1718, the Queen Anne’s Revenge sure is getting a lot of attention lately. A private research firm called Intersal, Inc., discovered the site believed to the last resting place of Blackbeard’s flagship  down in Atlantic Beach, NC in November of 1996, and they’ve been working on retrieving artifacts such as cannons ever since.

canons from the QAR

A canon is lifted from the QAR.

It’s pretty amazing to see 300 year old cannons come to the surface, as seen in this report from the Department of Cultural Resources newsroom:”Researchers from the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources’ Underwater Archeology Branch recovered two of the smaller cannons from the shipwreck. These would have been used for close firing at ships being pursued by Blackbeard’s pirate crew. This makes a total of 17 cannons that have been reclaimed from the wreck site near Beaufort. The rigging was part of the sail structure, and the sounding weights were used to determine the ocean depth.”

Get the rest of the story here.


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