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FREE! concert on the beach thursday

Mark your calendars, find a reason to get out of work early, hire a babysitter, or better yet, bring the kids! Organized and sponsored by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, the inaugural Soundside Live concert will be celebrated on the beach next to Jennette’s Pier this Thursday from 4 to 8pm and it looks like an amazing show is on tap.

Roadkill Ghost Band performing on David Letterman.

Roadkill Ghost Choir performing on David Letterman.

Greensky Bluegrass and Roadkill Ghost Choir will be on stage. These are two groups that are making a name for themselves and for good reason.

Throw out just about everything you ever thought about bluegrass music and be ready for a different experience when Greensky Bluegrass takes the stage. The instruments are classic bluegrass, but the content of their songs are a lot more cutting edge, their arrangements edge over to some rock styles and their live show is more rock ‘n’ roll than bluegrass.

Roadkill Ghost Choir has a haunting rock sound that lingers after the song is done. In some ways they’re a throwback to classic rock bands, with lyrics that are at once subtle and powerful. Don’t look for any lovesick love songs—their performance is about the human experience, performed by great musicians in a rock setting.

soundside live posterAccording to Lee Nettles, Executive Director of the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, the Soundside Live concept will continue to grow. “We picture it as an ongoing series of concerts of different kinds,” he said. “We don’t have anything specific planned, but it opens the door for future events.”

This Soundside Live show was supposed to be at the new Outer Banks Event Site in Nags Head, but the harsh Outer Banks winter we just endured put construction back a few weeks.For music lovers, that’s great news, because now this concert is FREE! Original plans called for a $15 ticket price but it would be tough to charge for being on the beach, so all pre-sold tickets were refunded. 

The Outer Banks Event Site is located soundside in Nags Head (where Windmill Point restaurant once stood) and is currently home to the Outer Banks Seafood Festival. The next planned event for the Outer Banks Event Site is the inaugural OBX Brewfest on Sunday, May 31. All indications show the Site will be ready in time.


       •  The show begins at 4pm and ends at 8pm.

  • A limited amount of parking will be available at beach access points up and down the oceanfront from Epstein Street to Governor Street unless otherwise marked.

  • Whalebone Park, near the venue, will also have limited parking available.

  • A limited amount of free parking will be available at the Jennette’s Pier (concert venue) lot.

  • Additional complimentary parking will be available atHoly Trinity by the Sea which is located 2 blocks from the venue off of the Beach Road.

  • Remote parking will be available at Tanger Outletswhich will be serviced by a complimentary shuttle on a rotating schedule running from 3:30pm – 8:30pm.

    Here’s a quick list of what to bring, and what to leave at home…

    TAKE IT!

    Blankets, beach chairs, picnic baskets/coolers, good vibes, friends and family


    Large beach umbrellas, pop-up tents, glass, plastic bags, anything detrimental to our beaches and wildlife, weapons, gireworks, illegal substances, professional recording equipment, fortifed wine or liquor


    For the safety and security of our guests, bags and coolers will be checked at the gates to ensure none of the “Leave It” list items are brought onto the premises.

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