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filmed on the obx: the moped diaries

We just love a ‘local guy makes it big’ story over here, so we’ve been cheering for Tyler Nilson ever since we watched his short film The Moped Diaries, and then saw it go viral online. This awesome little nugget of a movie was filmed entirely on the Outer Banks with a local cast, was an official selection by nine international film festivals, and was nominated for Best Short at Raindance.  The Moped Diaries is an age old story of love lost and courage found, Colington Island style.

Want to see more? Well,

here’s the trailer:

And, there’s a great article by Michelle Wagner in the Spring edition of the North Beach Sun that takes you behind the scenes with Tyler, the cast and crew.

cover of the north beach sun

Chase down your Spring edition of the North Beach Sun, or read it online HERE.











And then of course, you can watch the film HERE at Lucky Treehouse!

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