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ernie foster: hatteras island historian

If there is a keeper of history and Hatteras lore, it’s got to be Ernie Foster. With family roots that span the history of Hatteras Village, a lifetime spent earning a living from the sea and a natural storyteller’s ability to weave words together, Ernie is an amazing resource tying the past of the community to the present. This article written by Cate Kozak for the North Carolina Coastal Federation’s Coastal Review Online does a great job of giving a sense of who Ernie Foster is.


Ernie Foster's Albatross fleet in port. Photo, Albatross Fleet.

Ernie Foster’s Albatross Fleet in port. Photo, Albatross Fleet.

“If anything illustrates Ernie Foster’s fishing heritage on Hatteras Island, it’s the Albatross Fleet’s net house, a weathered wooden building near the Foster family home and graveyard.

“Everyone who fishes – you need somewhere to store your nets,” Foster said, opening the door to a room filled with shelves of vast cotton and nylon nets. In racks on the ceiling and walls there were dozens – maybe hundreds – of fishing rods and reels going back to the 1930s, when his father Ernal Foster launched the Outer Banks’ first charter fishing operation.”


Read the rest of the story HERE.

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