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epic crash video = epic fun!

Professional kiteboarder Dimitri Maramenides publishes some of the best kiteboarding footage we’ve ever seen. Owner of EPIC Kites, Dimitri is seemingly unafraid of anything and has a habit of hitting the water with a GoPro camera strapped to himself, his kite or board. The result is often breathtaking and gasp-inducing, and affords a view of the sport, and the Outer Banks, that many of us never get an opportunity to see.

Lucky for us, Dimitri also has a reputation for his sense of humor and fun, and has put together this EPIC crash reel from his ample library. Kiteboarder or no, you’re bound to enjoy the ups and downs of these wild rides!

And when you are ready for more, you’ll find plenty to watch over on the EPIC website. You can also catch Dimitri on OBX Surf Info doing the Kiteboarding Report.

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