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stop education cuts from eliminating ocracoke teachers!

The North Carolina State Legislature has taken a hard line on funding for public schools. Especially in smaller school districts–and Ocracoke is the smallest in the state–the effects are dramatic. Writing for the Ocracoke Current, Sundae Horn sends up a call to rally around the school before it’s too late.

Ocracoke school--K-12 serving the Island's community for generations.

Ocracoke school–K-12 serving the Island’s community for generations.

“Ocracoke students won’t have art classes next year ­– and it could get worse!

In a community meeting at Ocracoke School yesterday, Hyde County Schools superintendent Dr. Randolph Latimore discussed budget cuts with concerned parents and teachers. He also encouraged the community to call and email our elected representatives as soon as possible about this issue.

Earlier this spring Latimore announced that three instructional aides (in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade) will have their positions eliminated at the end of the school year.”

Read the complete story and find out how to TAKE ACTION HERE.

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