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documentary to honor edward greene!

Now retired, Edward Greene looks to documentary to tell the story of his life.

Edward Greene at 91. Picture Kathleen Brehony

Edward Greene, lookin’ good at 91! Photo courtesy of Kathleen Brehony.

If Edward Greene retired after selling the Christmas Shop and Island Gallery in Manteo, it’s not apparent. At 91, as Neel Keller’s Outer Banks Sentinel article makes clear, he is filled with energy, insight and memories that will create the perfect documentary film.

“I’ve never been shy,” Eddie Greene said in a moment of serious understatement during a shooting session in his Roanoke Island home with documentary director Bryan Jones last week. “That was whipped out of me when I was traveling with ‘Damn Yankees’ as the understudy for every major role.”

Interior of the Christmas Shop in Manteo.

Interior of the Christmas Shop in Manteo.

Now, at age 91 and having sold the iconic Manteo Island Art Gallery and Christmas Shop he owned for nearly a half century, Greene is starring in another major role, as the subject of Jones’ documentary about his life and times. The project has a working title of “Island Mensch,” a Yiddish word that means “a person of integrity and honor.”

“If there’s a definition of a mensch, it’s Edward,” Jones said. “A good man of good works.”


Read the rest of this great story on the Outer Banks Sentinel!

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